Shanghai Dumpling – Ashfield

Well it’s time for another of my favourite Dumpling places, and this one is bringing us to Ashfield, on Liverpool Road, also known as “Little Shanghai”. I have also seen it called very appropriately the “Dumpling Belt” on this very good food blog. Since M.’s brother and his lovely wife moved to Ashfield a couple of years ago, we have come to get a bit familiar with the area and appreciate its vast offer of Chinese restaurants and food shops. We now try to take the train early every time we visit M.’s family in order to squeeze in some nice Shanghai food. The restaurant we always come back to is: Shanghai Dumpling.

The place doesn’t look like much from the outside and the decor inside is very “white”, with only a few bright orange signs with the restaurant’s logo on the chopsticks wrapping and the fridge… No, what we come back for is the dumplings as their name indicates, which is indeed the only dish they offer.

The menu is composed of a few choices of fillings (mushrooms, pork & chives, prawn & chives…), with 3 possible combinations: 5 dumplings with noodles in soup, 10 dumplings in a soup, or “dry” dumplings (no soup).  They used to offer 16 dumplings a few years back, but recently removed this option from the menu, to M.’s utmost disappointment.

Amongst the tables can be found a trolley dispensing all the condiments necessary for seasoning: chilli flakes in oil, black beans with chilli in oil, lemon wedges, soy sauce, sesame oil, maggi… which are all a bit necessary to season the broth, as it is very light and simple, some would say even bland.

M. goes for his favourite, the Mushrooms dumplings (around $10, below)…

Look at these little works of art!

… and I go for my own favourite, the Prawn & Chives dumplings ($13.90), which are always listed as a special on the counter.

Before the condiments…

… and after a whole lot of lemon juice, soy sauce, black beans and sesame oil!

The dumplings are very fresh and silky, and combined with the soup, offer the perfect antidote to that cold and morose weather we have been subjected to in the past few weeks!

If these dumplings haven’t convinced you yet that Ashfield is well worth a visit, there are many more food options in the same street to twist you arm. We don’t even need the excuse of visiting the family to go to Shanghai Dumplings now, it has become the very reason for our trip 😉

Shanghai Dumpling
337 Liverpool Road
Ashfield NSW 2131
(02) 9797 6999

5 responses to “Shanghai Dumpling – Ashfield

  1. Those dumplings look beautiful.
    The wrapper looks thin & the soup looks yummy.

    I might head out there!

  2. Me too! Looks fabulous

  3. hmm ive not been to that one. I have been to the one with the green sign next to the pub which has AMAZING dumplings. Im definitely trying this one now!

  4. Tried it last Sunday and the dumplings were delicious. Tried the Prawn & Chives and the Chicken & Mushroom – both winners!

  5. The dumpling soup looks amazing. Yet another place to check out the next time I’m in Ashfield.

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