Monthly Archives: October 2010

Cachou Lajaunie

As a kid growing up in France I was never without my tin of Cachou Lajaunie, some tiny liquorice lollies that made my tongue completely black! Every time I go back to France I make sure I buy a few little boxes to take a bit of this Toulouse specialty home.

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Porteño – Surry Hills

This week’s post has nothing to do with French food, but I couldn’t let this one pass, a great restaurant so close to where I live!

After months and months of walking past the old Dimitri’s building on Cleveland Street and wondering how it would all look like once the new owners, Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz from the famous Surry Hills tapas restaurant Bodega, would settle in, I finally had all my questions answered last week, after I found some eager carnivorous friends to have dinner at Porteño with me.

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Witlof and Ham Gratin (Endives au jambon)

Witlof, literally “white leaf”, is also known as Belgium Endive, Chicon or Chicory and is one of my favourite vegetable: it is versatile, makes for delicious salads in its raw form and is excellent braised.  It is unfortunately not as widespread in Australia as it is in Europe: its growing conditions are quite particular and there is not a lot of local production, which is why witlof is quite pricey (around $12-$14/kilo).

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