Canelés de Bordeaux

Mini Canelés

Canelés are great little pastries originating from Bordeaux. The legend has it that it was first made by sisters from the Annonciades covent in Bordeaux in the 16th century, and that its tubular shape gave it the name of canelé (= cane).

Canelés are experiencing a revival in France at the moment, they are all the rage! They’re even about to be sold in McDonald’s at the end of the month! (See Figaro article here). McDonalds is already surfing on the macarons’ wave and is also offering “Tartines” for breakfast in their McCafés in an effort to adapt to the French market.

My first batch

I remember the first time I tasted canelés was about 3 years ago in… Sydney, of all places! An ex-colleague from Bordeaux had made some and brought them at work, and although they didn’t look like much (small, burnt, dry), I was surprised: they were in fact the most delicious things I’d had in a while! I loved the contrast between their crunchy caramelised crust and the smooth vanilla custard inside.

I found them later at Black Star Pastry, and at some stage another Frenchman was making them and selling them to Sydney cafés but not anymore unfortunately.

Mini-canelés silicone mould

Canelé moulds are traditionally made out of copper and are quite expensive (you can see an example here). They look beautiful and are apparently the best to get that great caramelized crust, but they are not very convenient when it comes to removing the canelé after cooking, you need to butter them generously. Luckily thanks to work I was able to buy myself these great little silicone moulds from France. It made my task very easy indeed!

A regular canelé is about 55mm diameter and 50mm high, but I chose the mould for Mini-canelés (Diameter: 35mm), they are just too cute and you can make more of them!

After a few weeks of just admiring the mould sitting on my kitchen bench and a few cheeky remarks from my partner, I finally decided to make canelés for Fathers Day!

Ingredients for Canelés

They are actually easier to make than it looks, and don’t require many ingredients (I adapted the quantities from this French blog):

500ml Milk
1 Vanilla Bean from Tahiti
50g Butter
225g Sugar
100g Flour
2 Eggs
2 Egg Yolks
50g Rum

Warm milk with butter and vanilla beans and seeds

Gently warm  the milk, butter and split vanilla bean over low heat for 10 minutes, without bringing to the boil, then let it cool down.

In the meantime whip the eggs and sugar until you obtain a pale and smooth mixture, then add the flour.

Add the milk onto the eggs flour mixture and whip it until smooth. Add a slash of rum.

Put the batter in the fridge overnight, as it is better once rested.

The following day, whip the mixture again and pour it into the mould at about 2/3 of the height, as their volume increases during baking. Even though silicone moulds are pretty hassle-free, I still buttered this one in case.

Put in a pre-heated oven at 210°C for 20 minutes, then lower the heat to 180°C for another 50 minutes.

A fresh batch of mini-canelés

Take them out and let them cool for 10 minutes before removing them from the mould. You can eat them warm or cold, they won’t last long anyway!

13 responses to “Canelés de Bordeaux

  1. They certainly helped make it a most enjoyable Father’s Day for this dad- thanks again Sandra.

    Nonno Johnno

  2. Well done Sandra, you will have to make some when you come next year ! I can’t wait ! Bisous

  3. Wow, these look excellent! And with the substitute silicone moulds being used instead of copper ones, I think they turned out beautifully with that signature dark, golden crust.

  4. Wow I have never tried these before! They look amazing – definitely have to try this recipe one day. Hopefully I can find a mould somewhere on ebay?

  5. Fanks guys!
    @Johnno No worries, glad you enjoyed!
    @Franny Can’t wait either 🙂
    @MlleDelicieuse Silicone moulds are the bomb, thank God for them!
    @Mel I saw some on Amazon as well. Vive le online shopping!

  6. They look amazing, I have never seen or tried these. Hint hint, if there is a blogger Christmas party this year, nudge nugde 🙂

    Interesting what you mentioned about McDonalds, would be nice if they were that sophisticated here.

    • Lol Sara! That’s a good idea actually 🙂
      Re. McDonalds, it is quite funny to see the effort they put into pleasing the French market, but it is understandable when we know that France is their 2nd biggest market after the US!!!

  7. I’ve never tried those until my friend Gaby made them to sell to cafe, I think that must be the same person that you mentioned as he had to stop. There are so Goooooodd!!!!!!!!

  8. Hi all, good news canneles are back in Sydney !!! Available in Gladesville organic market, and more!! Visit us

    A bientot!

  9. Do you put the silicon moulds on a cookie sheet or with nothing under them for their time in the oven? Thanks.

  10. I adore caneles! They’re so utterly delicious. I think the small ones would give you a better ratio of crispy chewy exterior too 🙂

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