Vietnam Part 2 – Phu Quoc Island – Jan 2011

Phu Quoc Island – Long Beach

After our very brief stay in Hanoi, we flew to Ho Chi Minh, then took another small plane to Phu Quoc Island for our much anticipated beach holiday…

It was funny to see the island from the sky and try to picture our plane landing on that tiny landing strip, but we did it! We were then driven to our resort which was on the West Coast (Long Beach / Duong Dong Town). The resort was pretty nice, the Vietnamese/French food was ok, but we tried to go to different places every day.

The day would invariably start with a breakfast of pineapple pancakes and fruit platter.

After lazying on the beach and reading, we would take walks along the coast and swim some more, then think about food… We got used to doing nothing much very quickly!

I tried to make the most of the fish and seafood available and often had grilled fish for dinner, simply barcecued on the beach, yum!

Grilled Pork skewers

I also gave in to my obsession with vietnamese rolls: those grilled pork skewers I had at the markets went down very nicely!

Coconut juice was a great way to stay hydrated, nothing like it to quench a not well-earned thirst!

Profiterolles with Vanilla ice-cream and chocolate were a pretty common sight on French/Vietnamese restaurant menus and we also made the most of it, ordering them every night!

They also served humongous doses of Cognac, which was quite exciting. One night people from a neighbouring table noticed our generous glasses and enthusiastically decided to order some Cognac too. They ended up not being able to finish it, and more often than not, neither could we! We found out there’s a reason why bartenders usually serve Cognac using tiny little measuring glasses.

We also visited the Night Markets, where we could admire all the fish, seafood and other unusual molluscs.

Fish aplenty


Cat Food at the markets!

If anyone knows what it really means, please do tell!

Beautiful sea snails and other yummy sea creatures…

Striking Melo Melo sea snails (or Zebra or Bailer snails)

As we walked past a fancy resort one day (La Veranda from the Mercure Group), we saw that they had organized for the same evening a torch-lit BBQ  / buffet on the beach. It wasn’t cheap, compared to the meals we’ve had so far on the island, but what the hell, we were on holiday, and it was my birthday just a few days before… good enough an excuse!

We first took an aperitif on the hotel veranda, then were invited to make our way to the beach, where immaculate white-clothed tables were awaiting us.

Everything was lit with candles and torches, which conferred to the night a very romantic atmosphere… that is to say, until a diner at the table next to ours started farting loudly, without even an ounce of embarrassment ever showing on his face. He actually looked pretty content, and kept at it all evening… That sure gave us a good chuckle!

It didn’t put me off my mission though and I soon headed to the buffet, which displayed such a vast array of fish and seafood, that I didn’t know where to start! I had my eyes on the scallops with butter and herbs, the prawns, the crabs…. argh! Too much to bear.

Seafood smorgasbord

It was a very selfless act from my vegetarian boyfriend to take me there for dinner, when I think of it!

An example of how not to use your flash

Luckily for him there were a few salads, as well as a huge dessert buffet, with a lot of little verrines containing crème brûlées, chocolate mousses, crèmes caramel… Too bad I was so full already, I only got to have two serves!

And so a week passed like this, of good food, swims, reading, sunsets, and it was already time to pack up and take the little plane back to Ho Chi Minh City, where we were to spend the last two days of our Vietnam holiday…

I was sad, but at the same time pretty excited, as I felt I didn’t experience nearly enough of Hanoi and I was dead set on making the most of Ho Chi Minh City and at last, looking for some really good Pho!

6 responses to “Vietnam Part 2 – Phu Quoc Island – Jan 2011

  1. Grooooovy !
    On pense bien à vous
    @ bientot !

  2. Sounds and looks amazing.

  3. Looks amazing! What is the name of the place you stayed at on the island?

  4. Thanks guys! We were staying at Paris Beach resort 🙂

  5. Toutes ces belles photos donnent envie d’aller y faire un tour !! Que de bonnes choses ! Difficile d’y résister, n’est-ce pas ?

  6. I love Vietnam. What I wouldn’t give to go back…

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