Booth Street Bistro – Annandale

A few weeks ago I attended my first “TwEATup”, which involves sharing a meal with people met through Twitter who all have one thing in common: an obsession with food!

The TwEATup was held at Booth Street Bistro in Annandale and our jolly team of Tweeps was composed of Karen, aka VanityFare1, Chef Adam Moore, Cenk from SocialDinnerClub, MissPiggyEats and hubby “The Boy”, LeBonVivant, Gary, MyGourmetFeast, and of course, Chef Darren and Bernadette from Restaurant Atelier!

We started with a few olives and an entrée of Fried calamari ($16), with some green bean fig dip and eggplant wafers: delicious! I could have eaten the whole plate by myself but had to share with everyone (roll eyes)..!

LBV, god bless him, had brought the most amazing wines selection from his personal cellar. Every bottle he took from his magic bag was as impressive as the next! I felt very privileged, and even though my rather uneducated palate could not appreciate these wines at their full worth, I thought they were pretteeee darn good!

I couldn’t say which was my favourite, didn’t know where to look!

Might have to be this little 1966 Pauillac…

Or maybe this little 1990 Riesling?  🙂

Braised Beef Cheek Sandwich ($16)

Chef Adam Moore and Miss Piggy’s boy chose this beef sandwich, which drew from both enthusiastic grunts of approval.

Freshly shucked oysters ($3 each)

We girls decided to open our appetite with freshly shucked oysters (Pacific and Sydney Rock).

Pan-fried Ocean Trout with watercress and potato salad ($26)

Miss Piggy chose the Fish of the day main, which turned out to be Ocean Trout. She loved it and you can read her version of the events on her cool blog !

Confit of Tender Creek duck leg with Persian feta and watercress salad ($32)

I chose the Duck confit of course, which was delicious! The beetroot & feta salad was nice and fresh, it worked really well with the duck and made the whole thing a lot lighter.

Twice Cooked Blue Cheese Soufflé, with pears, hazelnut & truffle honey ($17)

Cenk chose the cheese soufflé, and seemed thoroughly content with it.

Murray Bridge 300g  Black Angus 200+ day grain fed Scotch Fillet,
Café de Paris butter, beef jus served with green salad & french fries ($28)

Steaks with Paris butter and frites also drew very positive noises from the guests.

Affogato  – Vanilla bean ice cream, espresso, Frangelico ($12) 

We then moved on to sweeter things, amongst which this beautiful Affogato.

Classic Crème brulee with biscotti ($14)

Karen chose the Crème brûlée, which she was to share with me…

Passionfruit tart with lemon delish ice cream ($14)

… and I chose the Passionfruit tart. This turned out to be my absolute favourite and I really had to force myself to leave half of it to Karen!

Chocolate tasting plate with white chocolate sorbet, milk chocolate mousse & dark chocolate delice ($14)

 The other desserts almost paled in comparison, I have to say!

Flourless Pineapple coconut cake with coconut crumbs & pineapple sorbet ($14)

We then lingered over coffee, it must have been close to 4pm when we left! Poor Teresa, must have been a long afternoon for her and chef Wayne, but as Cenk said, it was good to have a long, lazy Sunday lunch!

This TwEATup was a success, I had a great time, great food with great company, and it was nice to finally put faces and real names on some of the Twitter handles: hope there will be many more to come!

Booth Street Bistro
127 Booth Street
Annandale NSW 2038

Ph: (02) 9660 6652

9 responses to “Booth Street Bistro – Annandale

  1. those oysters looks great. how much were they?

  2. Mais j’alucine !
    tu profites en Australie de vins qu’on ne peut pas s’offrir en France !
    i’m jalous !
    Enjoy !

  3. En effet on ne vous a pas servi n’importe quel vin ! Que des grands crus ! Lucky one !

  4. Bonjour my Wenchy mate! Wasn’t this a great lunch – so lovely lovely food, and a great bunch of people to enjoy it with. I loved the passionfruit tart also…really yummy. My mouth is watering looking at my Ocean Trout…must be lunchtime.

  5. Yum, this place is in my wishlist for 2012. I must say the wines look more interesting than the dishes!

  6. tastyfoodsnaps

    chocolate desserts are the best! the chocolate tasting plate looks good! 🙂

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