Bastille Day picnic

Bastille Day is upon us! AGAIN!

Weeks have passed so fast that I’ve only just realized I’d never posted the pictures of last year’s Bastille Day celebration we had with my girlfriends. Since I’m not doing anything this year for the 14th July (I know: what kind of a French woman am I!), I will this time stick to reminiscing on our beautiful little picnic.

My friend was in charge of bringing the red wine and the saucisson, and I was in charge of the baguettes, which I bought from Bourke Street Bakery: love their semi-sour baguettes! Then I saw the Crème Brûlée Raspberry & Vanilla Tarts and didn’t think twice about it: there was our dessert!

We then met at Formaggi Ocello in Surry Hills for this crucial step in our shopping spree. There was no way that I could leave the shop without some Comté, my favourite cheese in the whole world! We also bought a soft Italian goats cheese, Brunet, which I liked a lot the look of!

Cheeses: Brunet goats cheese and my beloved Comté

My friend bought some French-style saucisson from the very popular stall of La Bastide at the Entertainment Quarter markets.

We had also bought Italian cured meats from Ocello, one of them a bit spicy, and they were both very good, and I had also brought some Duck foie gras from work for the occasion.

We had some Duck Rillettes from the South-West of France to sink our teeth into. Rillettes are a bit different from pâtés and terrines. They are a bit coarser and fattier I find… Lov’em!

The whole thing was pushed down with a very pleasant red, “Cornas”, from Tain l’Hermitage.

We barely had room for dessert, but luckily my friend’s lovely young daughters turned up just in time to help us!

And you, what do you have planned for Bastille Day? 🙂


12 responses to “Bastille Day picnic

  1. I wanted to have a French post out for Bastille Day but thats not going to happen. Getting a load of French food for dinner sounds good though. Comte is one of my favourites too. I used to get it form the cute French guy at Borough Markets every visit.

  2. Ooh laa laa, looks like a wonderful picnic! I’ve never tried Comte…

  3. oh my this type of food is my idea of a perfect picnic! love that you still had last years photos to dream about and kick yourself that you didn’t do it all again?!

    • It’s pretty much the typical French apero/picnic indeed! Yep, didn’t do it this year… but I made a truffle spelt risotto to make up for it the day after, so it wasn’t all bad! lol

  4. What a lovely looking saucisson. I haven’t been to the Entertainment Quarter markets for ages … must make the trip.

  5. Comte… heaven! I’m thinking I’m going to try to make pork rillettes soon. Any tips?

  6. Gorgeous tart 🙂 I adre Formaggi Ocello – stinky deliciousness 😀

  7. Those creme brulees were sooooooo yummy! My mouth is watering just thinking about it. And guess what, we had a little french pic nic this year with girls, and they remembered the foie gras from last year! They truly have French blood! Love the photos.

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