Team Pastry Australia: The Film – Pozible Campaign

The Australian team wins Gold at the Asia Pastry Cup 2012, Singapore
©Matthew Venables 2012

Dear Readers,

You might have seen in the Sydney Morning Herald of this week an article about the Australia Pastry Team, who is going to compete next week in the most prestigious international pastry event, the World Pastry Cup, taking place at the end of the month in Lyon, France.

As some of you might already know, my partner and I have filming these talented pastry chefs for more than two years now, and it has been a great experience to watch them work and train like madmen and create beautiful chocolate, sugar and ice sculptures. It has also been a privilege and a great pleasure to see them win Gold at the Asian Pastry Cup last year in Singapore!

The documentary has so far been entirely self-funded, but we have recently launched a Pozible campaign (Pozible is a crowdfunding website), in order to recoup a bit of our costs, especially to follow the team to France (accommodation, travel, equipment costs). We are also hoping to raise a bit of funds to start paying for an editor to cut all our footage into a beautiful documentary! (09/04/2013 – Note: Here’s the link for the new campaign, thanks).

However to achieve that, we need your help! If every reader was pledging even $5, it could already make a huge difference.

There are also pretty cool Rewards for all levels of support, such as: an Invitation for 2 to the screening launch, a Thank You credit on screen, a DVD, a Poster, a Download of the Film… and many more!

So come on board! Help us continue this journey and bring a bit of pastry love to the Australian audience 🙂

Thank you.

Sandra Beeston (The French Wench) & Matthew Venables

Team Pastry Australia           ©Matthew Venables 2012


“Train hard, win easy!”

The journey of talented pastry chefs determined to prove that Australia can compete with the best!

Dean Gibson, Team Coach            ©Matthew Venables 2012


Dean Gibson and Jian Yao are two men on a mission: bring their team of pastry chefs to the highest level of competition and represent Australia in the 2013 World Pastry Cup.Their dream: finally put Australian pastry on the map and showcase to the rest of the world what Aussies can do.

After the previous team, comprised of Dean himself and close friend Adriano Zumbo, failed to qualify at the Asian Pastry Cup by only one spot back in 2010, it is imperative for the new team to make it in the top 4 of Asian selections to qualify for the World Cup in France, the homeland of patisserie.

After a shaky start, involving many showpieces being scrapped or re-designed, and several team reshuffles, they have formed the ideal team. The main challenge is now for the team to reach the highest level of skills to make it to the top!

But the Australian team of pastry chefs surpassed all expectations at the Asian Pastry Cup in Singapore and won Gold! This victory ensured them a spot in the finale, the World Pastry Cup in Lyon, in January 2013.

TPA’s plated dessert, presented at the Asian Pastry Cup 2012, in Singapore
©Matthew Venables 2012


Dean Gibson, Team Coach: Dean is a passionate and enthusiastic pastry chef, who used to work in the best restaurants in Sydney (with the likes of Neil Perry for instance). Now a teacher at Tafe Newcastle, he is the Team Coach and oversees all training as well as day-to-day organisation of the competitors. In 2010, he was himself a competitor at the Asian Pastry Cup, together with friend Adriano Zumbo, but they failed to qualify by only one spot! Since then, Dean has promised himself that he and Jian would bring an Australian team to victory.

Jian Yao, Team Manager: The heart and soul of the team, Jian organises and liaises with sponsors, suppliers, trainers. He came from Shanghai 21 years ago and worked his way from kitchen hand to managing director of a company supplying pastries to major airlines, Continental Patisserie, and has just opened another factory in Shanghai. In the past, Jian has led many other teams in Coupe Du Monde in France.

Andre Sandison, Sugar competitor: Head Teacher at Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, Andre has a lot of pressure on his shoulders, as he was asked to join the team only 5 months before the Asian Pastry Cup, replacing the previous competitor in a very short timeframe. Joining the team sees him reunite with former student Justin Yu.

Left: Andre Sandison, Team Captain & Sugar competitor

Right: Jian Yao, Team Manager    ©Matthew Venables 2012

– Justin Yu, Chocolate competitor: Taiwanese-born Justin is a talented young chef who grew up in Brisbane and moved to Sydney with his wife Erin (also a pastry chef) especially to be part of the team. A shy and discreet young man, he transforms into a deadly efficient machine when he’s got his pastry chef hat on.

– Barry Jones, Ice-carving competitor: Welsh-born Barry has worked around the world at some of the finest establishments including in Sydney, The Star casino where he was executive pastry chef. He nows works as a teacher, as well as for a French brand of pastry equipment, which leaves him more time to focus on his new role of ice-carver.

Barry Jones, Ice-carving Competitor      ©Matthew Venables 2012
Justin Yu, Chocolate competitor       ©Matthew Venables 2012


There are 37 days days left to reach our target of $25,000: please join us in our Pozible campaign and help us make it all happen!

All the pictures in this post are from ©Matthew Venables 2012, All Rights Reserved

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