“The Pastry Battlers” documentary

Team dinnerTeam Pastry Australia at Le Cordon Bleu, Ryde, March 2013

Hello there!

Some of you might know that my partner and I have been following the Australian Pastry Team for two years in order to document their journey to Singapore for the Asian Pastry Cup, and then France for the World Pastry Cup.

We have hours of great footage, and we need the help of a professional editor to cut all this material into an awesome documentary. You can hear me talk about it in the video above (you’re allowed to have a laugh at my “unnaturalness” in front of a camera!)

TPA ShowpiecesTPA’s Sugar & Chocolate sculptures on display at the World Pastry Cup, France
©M.Venables 2013

That is why we have launched a Pozible campaign, which works on the principle of crowdfunding.

TPA SharkIce shark sculpture made by Barry Jones at the World Pastry Cup, France
©M.Venables 2013

Justin at HGVChocolate competitor Justin Yu at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Festival, 2012
©M.Venables 2013

We got the help of several partners who were very generous and offered their support to help this project come to fruition and thanks to them we have pretty cool rewards for our supporters, such as:

– a gift voucher for a cooking class with Vincent Gadan at Patisse. You can access this voucher and other cool stuff with our special “Ouh la la” reward

Vincent GadanFrench Pastry Chef Vincent Gadan from Patisse cooking school 

– Yearly subscriptions to publication Baking Business Magazine, where you will be able to read all the news about the pastry and baking industry, with regular contributors such as Pastry chefs Anna Polyviou (Shangri-La), Jessica Pedemont (Chocolate Artisan), Planet Cake director Paris Cutler etc.

Aus Baking Business

– 6-month memberships to Learn Cake Decorating Online with renowned teachers like Jessica Pedemont from Chocolate Artisan 


– DVDs of the documentary “The Pastry Battlers” when it is finished
– Posters of “The Pastry Battlers”
– Downloads of the documentary
– Name listing in the film credits online
– Invitations to the screening launch

… and more!

Andre YssingeauxTPA Sugar competitor & Le Cordon Bleu Head Teacher Andre Sandison
©M.Venables 2013

Lovers of food, pastry and great stories, we need your help to make this documentary happen!

Spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues and even better, support the documentary with a pledge on: www.pozible.com/ThePastryBattlers

You can find more information on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ThePastryBattlers

Jeroen & BarryIce-carving trainer Jeroen Goossens and TPA competitor Barry Jones
©M.Venables 2013

Thank you 🙂

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  1. wish u good luck

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