Sydney’s Best Croissants

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Bonjour tout le monde!

As some of you might know, I recently wrote a piece for the blog section of The Guardian Australia about croissants. I had to sacrifice myself and taste as many croissants as I could to bring you all this information… lucky you!

Nadine IngramNadine Ingram, Flour & Stone

In the article, I wrote about how I found it hard to find good croissants when I first arrived in Australia almost 10 years ago, but that the increasing number of artisan bakeries has made my quest for quality croissants much easier these days!

Nadine Ingram, who runs Flour & Stone bakery in Woolloomooloo, was my main subject and she invited me in her kitchen to show me how she made croissants. She also told me her tips for good croissants and the answers I got from the other bakers mentioned in the article, David McGuinness from Bourke Street Bakery, Simon Cancio from Brickfields and Pierrick Boyer from Le Petit Gâteau (Melbourne), echoed hers on many points:

Top quality butter: preferably low in moisture for better layering
Time: time to let the dough rest overnight, then between each folds, time for the yeast develop to a satisfactory proof
Freshness: ideally, the croissants should be baked as close as possible to opening time
Love: you really need to love croissants to spend so much time and care into making them!

I am sure there is more out there in terms of good quality croissants, as I haven’t ventured much further than inner-city Sydney and Balmain-Rozelle, and that is why the article was more meant to reflect my personal experience, as opposed to an exhaustive list.

I’m still going to list here all the croissants I have tasted when researching the story, because I couldn’t mention them all at the time. See below, in alphabetical order:

Bourke St croissantBourke Street Bakery, Surry Hills ($3)

Nicely coloured (some would even say a bit too cooked) and buttery, Bourke Street Bakery croissants are up there with the best. Apparently their Almond Croissants are a big seller too!

Brickfields croissantBrickfields, Chippendale ($3)

In addition to high quality artisan breads, Chippendale bakery Brickfields sells lovely croissants. Their Ham & Cheese croissants seem to be particularly popular. Just get up early if you want to get your hands on them!

Brioche croissantBrioche, Balmain ($3.30)

Brioche in Balmain is an organic artisan bakery and also offers gluten-free & dairy-free pastries. They sell sourdough croissants, and the one I bought was very good, even though the crust suffered a bit on the trip home, so it doesn’t look as pretty and glossy as the others on this picture. You can also find excellent baguettes at Brioche.

Flour & Stone CroissantFlour & Stone, Woolloomooloo ($3.50)

Flour & Stone‘s croissant was the most buttery and moist of the list, while beautifully crisp. Do yourself a favour and try their “Pains au Chocolat”, which are generously filled with three sticks of Valrhôna, one of the best chocolates around.

Sonoma CroissantSonoma, Eveleigh Markets ($3.50)

I had a very nice croissant from Sonoma‘s stall at Eveleigh Markets, which is consistent with the quality of their breads and other wares. (I am working on blog posts solely dedicated to finding Sydney’s best baguettes… stay tuned!)

Victoire CroissantVictoire, Balmain ($3.50)

Victoire‘s croissant might not have been as regularly shaped as the others, but it was buttery, light and airy: a fine croissant indeed!

I didn’t have time to get myself to Banksmeadow to taste the croissants at Croquembouche and Brasserie Bread, but I heard they make mean ones too! It will have to be for another review 🙂

–> What about you guys, where have you found the best croissants so far? Please share your tips!

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Bourke Street Bakery
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Brioche Bakery on Urbanspoon

Flour & Stone
Flour and Stone on Urbanspoon

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25 responses to “Sydney’s Best Croissants

  1. i love love love love love the croissants at flour and stone! i just picked one up for breakfast (as i regularly do) this morning. straight out from the oven, it went from oven -> my hands. toasty, crisp and so so so good!

  2. I got so much respect for bakers! and making amazing croissants is difficult. Thanks for sacrificing yourself for the greater good of croissants hahaha love this review!

  3. I was told through Twitter & Instagram of other good croissants:
    – Le Croissant d’Or, in Potts Point
    – Ganache Patisserie, in Castlecrag

    Has anyone tried the croissants at “Organic Bread Bar” in Paddington?

    So much more to try! I will post a “Sydney’s best croissants: Part 2” soon 🙂

  4. Here in Oceansde, Ca United States. Petite Madeline Bakery. Chef was trained other Alice Waters of Chez Pannise. They take 4 days to make their Croissants. My favorite Feta and Spinach.

  5. Croissants were a big hit and miss for us in Paris recently. The best we had, by far, were in a small eatery down the road from where we were staying called Pub Montmarte – 11 Rue Joesph de Maistre, Montmarte. Big, buttery and crisp outside. I’ve now developed a bit of a taste for them — though wasn’t much of a croissant eater before — so i’ll be trying out some of your recommended places. Thanks!

    • Hi Rachel! I hear more and more people saying that about Croissants in France! I guess these days you really have to research the good artisan places like here if you don’t want to be disappointed. Hope you had a great trip! 🙂

  6. hey sandr – i have tried the ones at organic bread bar. it has a more bready texture.

  7. oops, sorry for the typo on your name, sandra… using my least favourite keyboard in the whole world this morning…

  8. Thanks frenchwench: For CBD people, Delisse in Martin Place (below channel 7). Freshly baked French style croissant: crispy and buttery. Very very good.

  9. The pastry chef, Alexandra headbands, Sunshine Coast, Queensland 4556

  10. Come and taste our french croissant at La Boulangerie in Maroubra!!!!! we opened 6 months ago and became very popular for our “viennoiseries” and delicious french baguettes and bread 🙂
    La Boulangerie, Pacific Square, 737 Anzac Parade, Maroubra.

  11. The Flour and Stone croissants look huge! Pity I live too far from the city to get decent croissant. Most of the ones I have had in Sydney were average or disapointed. The best one I had was at St Honore bakery in Mosman. Do you know if they use butter or margerine in croissants in Australia? I’m very keen to know.

  12. best croissant in sydney is at penny fours in leichhardt, they are so good!
    so crispy!

  13. I love the croissants at Victoire!

  14. Mmmmm croissants from Victoire are among my favourite, just add a little home made apricot jam. A heavenly start to any day.

  15. I had the best croissants and chocolate-croissants at le PARISIEN in Killarney Heights (near Frenchs Forest ). The coffee is also excellent.

  16. Honestly, you have to try the Croissants at Penny Fours patisserie in Leichhardt, (A little bit out of the hot spots) but still -in my opinion – the best! Crisp and crunchy, but soft and light and chewy. It’s perfection! Probably better than the french I’d say…but then again I haven’t gone to France :/
    Anywho, MUST TRY!

  17. C’est Bon and Labancz in Rozelle, choco cannelle in Ryde are my three best. I refuse to shop at Victoire because of the attitude and the prices.
    Best lemon tart is at C’est Bon and half the price from Victoire. There is another place in Neutral Bay, which name I can’t remember just now, on Military Rd and they are very good too, for croissants and baguettes…


    • Thank you Jean-Marie. I’ve tasted the croissants at Labancz and they were indeed delicious!

      C’est Bon is a great patisserie too. I’ve also had their lemon tart in the past, but I really need to visit again soon!

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