About The French Wench

I am a French-Australian expat who’s been living in Sydney for 9 years and I am obsessed with food, like most Frogs.

Not initially a food connoisseur when I was in France, I gradually fell into it when I moved here, as I sorely missed all my French staples and started looking seriously into it.

As the French food withdrawal slowly subsided, I started taking interest in all the food I had never eaten in France and there was a LOT to choose from: Japanese, Thai, Chinese…

I worked in Import/Export and Translation until I realised that I wanted to combine my love for food with my line of work and worked for a French food importer, which has given me first hand information about where to find all the good food in Sydney.

Anyway, I would like this blog to be of interest to all kind of readers, “foodies”, francophiles who want to know more about French food available in Sydney but also French visitors/expats who are keen to choose the less obvious options and want to discover what’s really good about Sydney, the variety of food you can find here from all over the world, the little “holes-in-the-wall” that leave you full, contented and doesn’t cost a week salary… Hope you enjoy!

PS: Profile picture by M. Venables

26 responses to “About The French Wench

  1. Françoise Beeston

    C’est vraiment très bien fait ! Bravo ! J’aime !

  2. Superb. And the photo is a GEM. Very Gallic.

  3. Great pic! Looking forward to seeing Sydney’s French secrets… !

  4. love the blog. do you have a twitter?

  5. Great blog Sandra 😉

    See you again at another media140 for foodie event.

    Bon chance!

  6. I live in Sydney so this blog is relevant to me. Love the food you love and truffles are a personal favourite for me aswell.

    Would love to see a RSS feed link so I can recieve updates through my aggregator, (unless I missed it).


  7. Hi Roger,
    Thank you for your message, I’ve just added the RSS Feed, hope it works 🙂

  8. Super Blog! Merci de nous faire partager votre aventure culinaire. Porteno a cote de chez nous aussi a l’air vraiment au top!

    Bonne continuation,

  9. Felicitations Françoise

  10. Haha c’est génial !

    Moi en fait j’ai habité à Paris pour 6 mois – et je suis tout à fait d’accord – la nourriture à Sydney est vraiment diverse et l’on peut gouter un tas de choses différentes que l’on peut jamais trouver en France !
    En plus c’est vraiment difficile de trouver la cuisine française ici – je cherche depuis toujours !

    et ouf – je viens de découvrir ta version française — haha cool !

  11. salut est-ce tu sais ou on vend les biscuits Prince De Lu :p

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  13. Love your profile pic! It is so clever and very Parisian!

  14. Beautiful pictures. But not only. You went on the ground sharing experience with people, entering in their kitchen (which is not that easy sometimes), that’s what I like.

  15. Hi lovely blog, just read the post on the dessert degustation, beautiful photos! Just wondering how do you get to hear about / get invited to such events? I also blog and would love to know about such events, is there a central source of info or did they just contact you?

    • Hi Ann, thank you for your comment. Went on your blog and loved the “Draw my life” in chocolate video, very well made!
      Maybe you should contact the Sydney Pastry Club if you want to participate to pastry events, they’ll be able to help. You can find them on Facebook 🙂

  16. Thank you Sandra! I read your interview on the SBS website and you have inspired me to have another go at my very neglected food blog.

  17. Just found your blog, love it. I’ve been a fan of French food and their way of life since I was a kid, (lots of fond memories touring along the coast).

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