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Vincent – Woollahra


Bonjour everyone!

Sorry about the long absence, a lot has happened in the last year, which have kept me away from the blog. I regularly post pictures on Facebook and Instagram though, so feel free to follow me there too!

I’d been dying to visit Vincent (by same owners as nearby Buzo and Wine Library) for ages, as I’d heard a lot about their Comté soufflé and their cheese-making efforts (anyone prepared to make their own cheese gets my full admiration!). The birthday of my partner’s mum proved the perfect occasion to visit!


The restaurant is located in a boutique hotel right on Queen Street, on the corner of five ways, in Woollahra. After walking through the hotel lobby and the beautiful bar, we were led to our table on the terrace, protected from the elements by translucent plastic covers and heaters. While it got slightly cooler by the end of the night (the heaters might have been turned off at some stage), we were generally quite comfortable. After nibbling on sourdough bread, homemade “Vincent butter” and an assortment of olives, we ordered a few entrees to share, as our friendly waitress had advised us that the portions were quite generous.

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Booth Street Bistro – Annandale

A few weeks ago I attended my first “TwEATup”, which involves sharing a meal with people met through Twitter who all have one thing in common: an obsession with food!

The TwEATup was held at Booth Street Bistro in Annandale and our jolly team of Tweeps was composed of Karen, aka VanityFare1, Chef Adam Moore, Cenk from SocialDinnerClub, MissPiggyEats and hubby “The Boy”, LeBonVivant, Gary, MyGourmetFeast, and of course, Chef Darren and Bernadette from Restaurant Atelier!

We started with a few olives and an entrée of Fried calamari ($16), with some green bean fig dip and eggplant wafers: delicious! I could have eaten the whole plate by myself but had to share with everyone (roll eyes)..!

LBV, god bless him, had brought the most amazing wines selection from his personal cellar. Every bottle he took from his magic bag was as impressive as the next! I felt very privileged, and even though my rather uneducated palate could not appreciate these wines at their full worth, I thought they were pretteeee darn good!

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Bistro Papillon – Sydney CBD

Back in December, like every year, my girlfriends and I had a meal at a nice Franchouillard restaurant for our pre-Christmas-madness catch-up. This year we decided to try Bistro Papillon, in the heart of Sydney CBD, near Wynyard Station.

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L’Étoile – Paddington

Every year with the girls, we organise a pre-Christmas catch-up session before our social schedules become too hectic. Having heard a lot of good things about L’Étoile, besides the fact that French celebrity Chef “Manouuuuuuu!” operates their kitchen, we decided to book a mid-week dinner there.

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Tastevin – Darlinghurst

When an ex-colleague who now lives on the North Coast came back to town a few days ago for a rejuvenating plunge in the Big Smoke, he decided to invite me and another colleague for a catch-up lunch at an ol’ favourite haunt of his: Tastevin in Darlinghurst.

We meet on a Thursday around 12:45pm and are greeted warmly by Alex Bourdon, the Owner and Chef of Tastevin. His beautiful wife and Tastevin’s co-owner Natasha is not here today as the couple have just become new parents and she is taking care of their little girl. The place is pretty quiet when we arrive (which is fine by me, as I am not a loud talker!). Tastevin is actually better known as a popular late night spot as they serve food until the wee hours of the morning (around 2am), which is a pity considering that the lunch prices are a steal, with entrees at $15 and mains at $20!

Alex runs us through the menu and I hesitate briefly between the special (Seared scallops in a cauliflower soup) and the Gnocchi à la parisienne. Last time I ate at Tastevin for a Valentine dinner, my boyfriend chose the Gnocchi and I was very jealous as they were to die for! In the end I just can’t resist and get the Gnocchi. My enthusiasm must be contagious, for the boys end up doing the same!

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Baroque Bistro – The Rocks

It’s raining (again) when my partner M. and I are running to Baroque Bistro for dinner during the Easter long weekend.

The Bistro was opened last year by Sally Charkos and her sons Christophe, Olivier and Jeremy as an homage to the late Pierre Charkos, the famous Patissier behind the closely located La Renaissance Patisserie, who had a big influence on the patisserie industry in Sydney.

The restaurant is set up in a warehouse, with a lot of space, high ceilings and windows offering a beautiful view on the Harbour Bridge.

The décor is a mixture of modern (designer translucent plastic chairs, chrome lights-fittings) and traditional (copper pans hanging from the ceiling, old clocks), which would be a good way to describe their cuisine: classical French fare, but reworked with a modern twist.

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