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Les petits radishes from the garden

Have I mentioned before that I was a lucky girl? I’ve got a man who not only is a good cook and cures his own olives, but who also loves gardening and grows his own produce!

So far we’ve been able to enjoy from our little veggie patch: snow peas, cos lettuce, red coral lettuce, butter lettuce, the sweetest broccoli I have ever tasted AND, last but not least, my beloved radishes. Or, as they are bizarrely called here, French Breakfast Radishes… I have no idea why, I have never eaten or seen anyone eat radishes for breakfast in France (I know we have weird eating habits, but still!).

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Gnocchi with Truffle

Australian Black truffles season has started! Therefore I decided last week to buy a truffle at work from our very first batch of the season and eat it with gnocchi. I toyed with the idea of making the gnocchi myself, but bought some fresh ones from the deli just in case I was gonna be lazy… and I seem to know myself well, since as the day progressed, all my good intentions of home-made gnocchi flew by the window! Tss tss tss…

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