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Sydney Pastry Club at the Bathers Pavilion – Balmoral

“Pastry is all about creativity, sharing and generosity.”

This is the motivation behind the creation of the Sydney Pastry Club by Fabien Berteau, pastry chef at Park Hyatt, and Elerig Liguet, from Deshel Foods.

As stated on their Facebook page, the idea behind this club is “to showcase Sydney Pastry Chefs’ skill and imagination” by getting them to revisit dessert themes (eg. Meringue Lemon Tart, Gateau Opera, the Baba, Black Forest…). Chefs have two months to design their idea and to come up with their very own creation, which they will bring to the meeting for the other members to taste. Fabien insists on the fact that it remains very friendly & informal and that it is in no way a competition: “We’re just having fun.”

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M.O.F. Bruno Pastorelli Pastry Presentation

Bruno Pastorelli’s Raspberry Macarons – May 2010 Presentation

Lately we have witnessed a revival of the pastry discipline in Australia, as well as an increased interest from the public, particularly with the recent Macaron craze and Masterchef/Zumbo-mania, which is all very good news!

Two weeks ago at work, we had the pleasure of welcoming “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” Pastry Master Bruno Pastorelli, back in Sydney to show his latest creations. He also represents DGF Industries (a leading French supplier in pastry products), for whom he researches, develops and creates new products and recipes, gives presentations all over the world and teaches as well at the DGF International Culinary School… a busy man indeed!

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Australian Pastry Team 2010 Presentation

I don’t know if a lot of you watched the documentary “The Kings of Pastry” on SBS a few months ago. It follows Pastry Chefs in their journey to obtain the sought-after M.O.F.  title (“Meilleur Ouvrier de France” = Best Craftsmen in France) during a gruelling 3-day competition held in France every 4 years.

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Baroque Bistro – The Rocks

It’s raining (again) when my partner M. and I are running to Baroque Bistro for dinner during the Easter long weekend.

The Bistro was opened last year by Sally Charkos and her sons Christophe, Olivier and Jeremy as an homage to the late Pierre Charkos, the famous Patissier behind the closely located La Renaissance Patisserie, who had a big influence on the patisserie industry in Sydney.

The restaurant is set up in a warehouse, with a lot of space, high ceilings and windows offering a beautiful view on the Harbour Bridge.

The décor is a mixture of modern (designer translucent plastic chairs, chrome lights-fittings) and traditional (copper pans hanging from the ceiling, old clocks), which would be a good way to describe their cuisine: classical French fare, but reworked with a modern twist.

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