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France snapshots – Romans – May 2012

The Visitor

Soooo…. bonjour guys!

It’s been a while indeed! Please forgive my snail pace with regards to writing this blog: this year has been a busy one. But hopefully it will be rewarding with exciting stuff, so stay tuned!

To resume on my French adventures a few months back, after a perfect few days in Marseille, we took the TGV back to my parents’, who live in a little town in the Drôme department. We were pampered and fed lots of good stuff, so much so that I couldn’t face any cheese for a while after that!

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2 days in Paris

Paris, Les Invalides in the background

It has been now almost 7 years now since I left France for Australia and last time I spent Christmas with my family was in 2003! Though I have always been surrounded by great people in Australia at that time of year, my Aussie family in Brisbane and Melbourne or my partner’s family here in Sydney, I always have a little knot in my stomach from being so far away from my parents and sister…

That is why I decided to fly to France last December and have myself a traditional cold and white Christmas “à la française”!

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