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Risotto with Ceps

Must be the season, but I am nourishing a healthy obsession with mushrooms at the moment. Even though we are still far from a cold automnal weather, my body tells me I have to eat mushroomy, creamy, white-winy hearty meals.

The mushrooms on offer at the supermarkets get me quite frustrated, always the perennial White Button and if you are lucky, some Swiss brown and Shitake mushrooms but that’s about it. It is however possible to find more variety like Pine mushrooms, Portobello at Fruit & Vegetable shops and food growers markets (Carriage Works, Pyrmont Growers markets…etc), but you can’t find the same varieties as in Europe like Porcini/Ceps, Chanterelles, Morels, or in a dried or frozen form. It is quite tricky to import fresh mushrooms to Australia, as the trip can damage them and the quarantine regulations being quite tough, the least speck of dirt can see your whole batch of mushrooms confiscated and destroyed, so it is not worth the risk.

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