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Fresh Pasta with Mushrooms and Truffle

Truffle season is upon us, and to celebrate, what’s better than beautiful fresh pasta with lots of butter, Parmesan cheese and shaved truffle…? That’s right, nothing!

This little baby comes from Tasmania and this time, my partner insisted on taking care of it, as according to him I didn’t make the most of it last year and he could do much better… All right then!

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Gnocchi with Truffle

Australian Black truffles season has started! Therefore I decided last week to buy a truffle at work from our very first batch of the season and eat it with gnocchi. I toyed with the idea of making the gnocchi myself, but bought some fresh ones from the deli just in case I was gonna be lazy… and I seem to know myself well, since as the day progressed, all my good intentions of home-made gnocchi flew by the window! Tss tss tss…

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